Nokia Launches Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale

Nokia Technologies has launched the Withings Body Cardio smart scale with Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) measurements.

According to the company, users can see a holistic view of their health with accurate measures of weight, body mass index, body composition, standing heart rate and PWV, a measurement that is a key indicator of cardiac health and associated with hypertension and risks of cardiovascular incidents, according to the company. 

“Body Cardio is the most advanced device we have ever made. Body Cardio redefines how people use connected scales, providing them with a tool to manage their weight as well as heart health. It is like getting information from your annual physical every day,” said Cedric Hutchings, vp/digital health, Nokia Technologies.

The smart scale connects to a free Withings Health Mate app and syncs data after every use of the scale. The data helps users visualize trends over time and note how their weight impacts overall health. In addition, the smart scale and app provides users with the evolution of their PWV over time, and will indicate whether the rating is normal, optimal or at risk.

The app also offers coaching. Users can discover ways to improve their wellbeing and heart health, set goals, earn rewards over time and celebrate milestones. The Health Mate app also offers integration with over 150 partner apps to provide nutrition tracking, run tracking and more.

The scale is 0.7 inches thick with a flat aluminum base, footless design and heat-tempered glass. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to one year between charges. The Withings Body Cardio smart scale is currently available exclusively at Apple stores for $179.95. It will launch at additional retailers throughout this summer.