Nostalgia Electrics Adds New Treats To Appliance Lineup

Nostalgia Electrics is introducing a new gummy candy maker, a rotary hollow chocolate candy maker and a new caramel apple dipper, among other new items, at this week’s International Home + Housewares Show.

The new gummy treat has a centrally heated base, which holds a gelatin pot with a spout for easy pouring. It comes with silicone molds for fish, worms and small bear-shaped gummy candies as well as a giant gummy candy bear-shaped mold.

The new rotary hollow chocolate candy maker includes a Chocolatier Spinner, a Chocolatier Heating Pot, Spatula & Filling Injector, and Assorted Candy Foil Wraps & Decorative Chocolate Molds.

The company’s new caramel apple dipper features a 27-ounce dipping pot that melts and keeps caramel or chocolate at the perfect temperature for dipping, and 3 separate trays for holding consumers’ favorite toppings.