Nouveau Spring 2020: In The Mix

Tastemakers Emerge As Key Design Influence

Influencers, be it those with a social media, industry experts, celebrity (or some combination thereof) following, have essentially become the driving force guiding many of the consumer trends we see today. Tastemakers today, have the ability to share their expertise in a creative way in order to help a consumer express their own individuality is key to their influence.

As consumers continue to break away from the more traditional approach of matched tableware and glassware sets, they are seeking designs that offer a mix-and-match approach. This approach can vary from mixing new accent plates with dinnerware that has been passed down, or adding specialty cocktail glasses to their broader basic bar collection. It also can mean embracing formal pieces for everyday use and successfully mixing in more casual affordable pieces.

Here, a look at some of the ways tabletop vendors are presenting these trends.

Wedgwood kicked off its new Tastemakers series with Alex Eagle, a UK-based interior designer and store owner for its Art of Code Mixing campaign. The series embraces individualism and creates a more inclusive and adventurous approach to mixing heritage and contemporary designs among the brand’s offerings.
Vietri’s latest casual earthenware line, Viva by Vietri, comes in patterns such as Santorini and Santorini Fish, inspired by artwork and nature of the Greek Isles. The company is spotlighting how casual pieces can be mixed in with the brand’s finer stoneware assortments.
Lenox updated the Reed & Barton brand messaging to better connect its barware with how consumers are using them in the home. Interior designer Thomas O’Brien’s New Vintage glassware encourages consumers to use their crystal every day, and not just relegated to special occasions.
Nude Glass tapped renowned mixologist Remy Savage to collaborate on the Nude by Remy Savage cocktail glassware. The new breed of glassware is fine, elegant and smaller in size, featuring classically shaped pieces designed for everyday use, yet supporting the aspirations of mixology at home.