Novis Bringing Vita Juicer To U.S. Market

Switzerland-based Novis is bringing its Vita Juicer to the U.S. market and touting the unit as a user-friendly alternative to juicers currently available.

Tara Steffen, national marketing manager for Novis, noted that the Vita Juicer offers “the best of both worlds” since it is designed to provide the option of slow juicing and fast juicing in a single unit.

“Most studies show that when using leafy greens, you need to operate a juicer at slow speeds,” she said. “Faster speeds are recommended when using fruits and vegetables.”

Priced at $499, the unit offers juicing, pureeing, citrus pressing and Vitatec to provide maximum extraction from fruits and vegetables. The company said its Vitatec feature is a combination citrus press and centrifuge that provides more nutrients and a smoother consistency.

Other features of Vita Juicer include auto speed, which offers a one-speed on/off operating system with an intelligent drive that regulates speed and reacts automatically to different pulp consistencies without any manual adjustment. A wide feed chute is also included and said by the company to minimize the need to pre-cut and allow fruits and vegetables to be easily loaded and automatically pulled into the juicer.

Available in seven colors including cherry red, black, white, orange, green, yellow and silver, Vita Juicer is currently sold in Europe and in September will debut in the U.S. at Sur La Table, Frontgate and select independent retailers.

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