NPD: Furnishings Help Consumers Define Domestic Space

The NPD Group provides more evidence that consumers are using home furnishings as a way to define space as they engage in more work and leisure activities at home.

In a blog post, Leen Nsouli, NPD executive director, industry analyst/office supplies, home improvement, pointed out that in-home events are diverse today as consumers not only do more entertaining, cooking and eating at home but also working, exercising, meditating, crafting and taking spa-style treatments.

To create space for all that, 60% of consumers said they worked on a DIY project on their own or with someone else in the past year, another 22% said they have not but would in the future, and 12% of consumers indicate they attended a DIY workshop, according to NPD research.

Home improvement projects don’t always mean tearing out walls or installing new flooring. Indeed, last year, many DIY projects focused on decluttering. As a next step, Nsouli said, consumers have been moving to space solutions through home décor spanning segments from furniture to organization.

Consumers can establish a separate functional space by adding a storage ottoman that can act as peripheral seating in a room while hiding exercise equipment or adding houseplants in the various formats available today including not only pots but also furniture that can house them.

Home décor currently makes up about 22% of overall DIY channel sales today and 30% of online sales at retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair and Overstock, and nearly 40% at pure play retailers, Nsouli added.