NPD: Amazon’s Prime Day Connects With Nespresso

Among the potential housewares beneficiaries of Prime Day and Amazon’s push to sell more of its Alexa-operated devices is Nespresso, according to NPD Group Checkout Tracking, a service that analyzes receipt data.

July 11 is Prime Day and Amazon is using the 2017 promotion to showcase devices such as Echo and Echo Dot that allow consumers to order by voice command via its Alexa operating system.

When consumers adopt Echo devices, Nespresso benefits, according to NPD. The company markets a smart coffee machine that interacts with Echo and enjoys a 7% boost in dollar purchases with shoppers who acquire the Alexa devices, noted NPD.

Other companies who benefit when consumers get an Echo device include Domino’s Pizza, which has a preferred Alexa-related vendor deal with Amazon and realizes a 4% sales gain among Echo owners

Amazon, naturally enough, benefits when consumers acquire an Echo device. NPD noted that purchases from Amazon Prime Now, the company’s 1-hour delivery service focused on food and household essentials, jump almost 140% after an Echo arrives in a home. NPD pointed out that half of all Echo owners’ online dollars spent are delivered to Amazon.