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NPD: Small Appliances Top Holiday Season Performer

The small home appliance segment was among the top performing product categories during the recent holiday season, according to The NPD Group.

Among the housewares categories seeing strong growth during the holidays was multi-cookers, air fryers, robotic vacuums and oral care appliances, NPD said. These housewares items are among other hot holiday sellers including apparel, athletic footwear, prestige beauty and office supplies.  

“This holiday season saw an eclectic mix of a few hot products selling off shelves, some staple gift items, lots of self-gifting, and seasonal essentials,” said Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief industry advisor. “Even with such an assortment, the season’s hot holiday sellers send a clear message of an increased emphasis on comfort, home, and generally enhancing one’s lifestyle.”

Beyond category winners, the week that began on Christmas Eve and concluded on December 30 was also a season standout with a 15% increase over the same week in 2016 across the key general merchandise categories, NPD said.

“Despite consumers’ plans to get their holiday shopping done on the earlier side, the extra week and weekend of shopping brought out the procrastinators in many of us,” added Cohen. “The bigger picture shows that our shopping seasons are shifting, and traditional start and end-points are blurring more than ever. Part of this shift will make it important for retail to keep an eye on the growing importance of January as part of their peak selling season.”