NPD: Tabletop Sales Potential Grows Beyond Registry

NPD sees potential growth for tabletop sales that can translate into more lifestyle and cross-selling opportunities for retailers beyond wedding registry purchases, particularly with kitchen gadgets and beverageware.

According to recent market data from NPD, tabletop sales related to home purchases or renovations are larger than wedding-related sales, and growing. Company research revealed that the number of tabletop items purchased for a new home/housewarming, or a home or kitchen remodel were more than 50% higher than purchases made for wedding-related occasions (engagement, bridal shower, wedding) in the past year.

NPD reported that dollar sales of tabletop categories purchased for wedding-related occasions saw double-digit declines in the 12 months ending August 2017, while sales related to a new home/housewarming, or a home or kitchen remodel, saw double-digit growth.

In terms of more cross-sale opportunities for retailers, consumers are more likely to purchase kitchen gadgets with a tabletop category than other tabletop categories, noted NPD.

According to NPD’s checkout tracking, when beverageware or flatware is in a shopping basket, kitchen gadgets are more likely to be part of the purchase than any tabletop categories. The relationship between dinnerware and beverageware appears to be the strongest in the tabletop category. Gadgets and beverageware have a higher likelihood of being attached to a dinnerware purchase than a flatware purchase, according to NPD.

“The tabletop industry is sitting on an abundance of untapped opportunity that can be unlocked with some unconventional thinking,” said Joe Derochowski, executive director and home industry analyst at NPD. “Expanding beyond the marketing traditionally associated with tabletop purchases, and making tabletop a special part of a wider variety of key life moments, will open new doors for the industry.”