NPMA Predicts A ‘Buggy’ Season Ahead

Data from the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA) Bug Barometer forecast has indicated that U.S. consumers can expect an increased pest population this spring and summer due to extreme weather conditions that have impacted various regions of the country.

The NPMA noted that unusual circumstances such as the excessive cold with high snowfalls in the Northeast and Midwest, the above-average high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the drought conditions on the West Coast will impact when pests and insects emerge and in what amounts.

Suppliers of household pest control products, such as bug zappers and insect traps, are likely to take advantage of this data, as they continue to roll out plans for the spring/summer retail season.

“The events of this past winter lay the foundation for what’s to come, but the final outcome depends on how the recent weather combines with temperatures and precipitation patterns in the upcoming weeks, said Missy Henriksen, vp/public affairs for the NPMA. “Understanding what to expect in various parts of the country is important, because so many of these pests, such as ticks, mosquitoes and termites, pose serious health and property threats.”