NRF: Consumer Super Bowl Spending Expected To Be Down Slightly

American adults will spend an average of $81.30 for items related to watching Super Bowl LIII set for February 3 in Atlanta, according to results of a survey from the National Retail Federation.

The average spending is virtually unchanged from last year’s $81.17 and is the second-highest in the history of the survey after a record of $82.19 set in 2016. The total amount of $14.8 billion is down from last year’s $15.3 billion, primarily because fewer people plan to watch the game— 182.5 million this year compared with 188.5 million last year. The overall spending is still the third-highest on record, after last year’s figure and $15.5 billion in 2016.

“Whether it’s to see who wins, watch the halftime show and commercials or just get together with friends, this is the biggest party since New Year’s Eve,” said Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF. “Spending is expected to be at one the highest levels we’ve seen. And retailers are ready whether you need food, team jerseys, decorations or a new TV.”

The biggest spenders are those ages 35-44 at an average $123.26 while the lowest are those 65 and older at $40.97. Viewers in the Northeast plan to spend the most, at an average $94.89, followed by the West at $84.01, the South at $79.09 and the Midwest at $69.24.

The survey found that 72% of adults plan to watch the game, down from 76% last year. Among those watching, 79% plan to buy food and beverages, 10% team apparel and accessories, 7% decorations, 7% for new televisions, and 4% furniture such as entertainment centers.