NRF: Retailer Omnichannel Scores Improve

The National Retail Federation and e-commerce consultancy FitForCommerce released the second edition of the Omnichannel Retail Index. The report demonstrates that retailers have made significant progress in their omnichannel operations since the inaugural report was issued in October.

In December, FitForCommerce used a mystery shopping method to evaluate specific omnichannel offerings and capabilities across web and mobile sites as well as in-store, applying a technique it used in 2015 to create the initial index. The report examines omnichannel strategies employed by 120 retailers such as buy online/pick up in store, real-time inventory availability and mobile-optimized websites.

Key findings include:

  • 86% of retailers in the index provide a shared shopping cart from mobile to desktop, up from 84% in the initial index.
  • 77% offer mobile-optimized email, up from 55%.
  • 28% offer buy online/pick up in-store, up more than 20%.
  • 19% let shoppers refine search results on a category landing page, up from 13%.
  • 33% offer in-store Wi-Fi, up from 26%.
  • 69% of store associates offer to find an item online or in another store, up from 39%.

“As technology evolves and consumers adapt to new ways of shopping, retailers continue to optimize their in-store offerings and online presence to engage consumers at every corner of their retail experience,” said Vicki Cantrell, svp/NRF and executive director of “This report shows that retailers are taking major steps to integrate their in-store and digital operations and narrow the difference between the two. The growing omnichannel approach to retail gives consumers familiar consistency whether they are shopping on their phone, on a tablet or laptop or in the actual store.”