NRF Rolls Out Program To Guide Store Reopenings

The National Retail Federation has initiated “Operation Open Doors” to help create guidelines for brick-and-mortar store reopenings, with a new online solution center established in support.

As companies and government begin to scale back store access restrictions, NRF developed the program to provide guidelines and address critical considerations, developing it with input from hundreds of retail industry leaders, the organization stated. The operation prioritizes four functional areas important to the retail sector in the U.S.: health and safety, people and personnel, logistics and supply chain, and litigation and liability.

To connect with government, NRF sent a letter announcing the program to the President, key administration officials and elected leaders. It emphasized that opening the retail sector and putting the U.S. economy back on track would require a gradual, phased-in approach that takes into consideration issues such as social distancing and monitoring employee health. NRF maintained that it would continue looking to retailers for help in guiding policymakers and business leaders through dozens of key topics in an effort to facilitate the revitalization of the economy.

NRF asserted that consistent guidelines across all levels of government, guidelines that don’t add overburdensome regulatory schemes, are critical. The letter stated: “As a community, retailers are preparing for new processes, consumer behaviors and legal requirements or restrictions, where there was once no playbook. Our country must not allow a lack of resources, regulations that are not fit-for-purpose and the fear of litigation to delay efforts to return to work and live safely and sustainably.”