NSF Highlights Sleep-Friendly Merchandise

The National Sleep Foundation, through its Official Licensed Products Program, is highlighting a range of merchandise this holiday season that may help consumers create a more slumber-conducive guest bedroom, including white noise devices. 

In NSF’s annual Bedroom Poll, factors that help establish a restful environment include dark, quiet, fresh and allergen-free spaces, the poll indicates. It also suggests that many consumers aren’t doing all they can to maintain ideal conditions. For example, although 73% of consumers rated darkness as crucial to a good night’s sleep, 35% say they have no curtains or shades in the bedroom.

Among the considerations NSF suggests when establishing a better guest bedroom are clean and uncluttered quarters, comfortable furniture and bedding, and window treatments that mask outside light and noise.

NSF even advocates white noise devices to mitigate the effects of sound emanating from outside the home. In the poll, 74% of consumers said bedroom quiet was important to sound slumber.

“Outside noise is a fact of life for many people, especially those in a cities or busy neighborhoods,” David Cloud NSF CEO said in a statement outlining the organization’s recommendations. “But while some people grow accustomed to environmental noise if it’s constant enough, for many of us, sudden or periodic noises outside the bedroom windows can jostle us awake, even if just briefly. This can be particularly hard for guests trying to adjust to a different sleep schedule and bedroom environment. White noise created by a sound conditioner can help guests fall or stay asleep, creating a constant ambient sound to help mask activity from inside and outside the house.”

NSF is an educational and scientific not-for-profit organization located in Washington, DC. Its membership includes researchers and clinicians focused on sleep medicine, health professionals, patients, and families affected by drowsy driving through more than 900 healthcare facilities, it maintained.