Numerator: 2020 Retail Store Visits Catch Up To 2019

According to market research firm Numerator, the week of June 7 saw household shopping visits in the U.S. come up even with the frequency seen a year earlier.

Versus the comparable week in 2019, the home improvement and dollar store channel over indexed at 110% and 104% of the year-prior numbers. Office, pet and the Numerator index overall were flat year over year at 100%. Club came in at 99%, while specialty and beauty came in at 98%. Mass and liquor came in at 97%, with bodega and drug at 96%, and food at 95%. Gas and convenience store, military, electronics and quick service restaurants fell in between 94% and 89%.

Online continued to over index at 114% although that is down from a peak of 125% in the week of April 5.