Numerator: Convenience, Value Drive Retail Gains

An early read on the week of August 8 indicates that retail continues to add sales, as the Numerator index for the sector reached 115, or about 15 points above last year’s revenues, as tracked by the market research firm.

The index was at 115 for the two weeks before as well.

In the week of August 8, club stores did better than retail in general, indexing at 119, as did liquor stores, at 128, and dollar stores, at 131, with pet stores pacing the market at 115. The big winner, though, was digital, at 154, as consumers continue to favor the convenience and safety of online shopping.

Despite the reopening of stores, consumers continue to lean on e-commerce for purchasing in a COVID-19 pandemic that continues driving consumers to adopt new shopping behaviors, even as they return to stores that have a strong value proposition.