NutraMilk Appliance Presents Nut Milk Alternative

As consumers continue to seek methods to make nut milk at home, the NutraMilk countertop appliance is designed specifically for creating butters and milks from nuts and seeds.

According to the company, the NutraMilk can produce nut milk from any type of nut. It features stainless steel blades, a 3/4 horsepower 1800 RPM motor that is said to break down one to two cups of nuts in minutes, resulting in a smooth and creamy nut butter. Consumers can then add water to the mix and with the press of a button, the butter and water are forced through fine 100 mesh screens to create nut milk.

The NutraMilk appliance can process up to five cups of nuts for up to three cups of nut butter and can also produce up to two liters of alternative milk. It has a suggested retail price of $449.95.