NuWave Launches Moxie Vacuum Blender

NuWave has debuted its Moxie vacuum blender, which is touted by the company as offering commercial grade design and construction and is equipped with a vacuum system designed to remove air from the blending jar.

According to the company, the Moxie’s vacuum is rated to 75 kPa, which is three times stronger than the average home vacuum cleaner, allowing the unit to remove air from the chamber in a matter of seconds. The removal of air reduces oxidation and allows for faster blending.

The blender’s control dial offers seven preset functions for drinks, smoothies, soups, sauces and nut butters and also offers a self-cleaning setting. In addition, 10 power settings allow the blades to spin between 5,000 and 27,000 RPM.

The blender is priced on the NuWave website at $249.95.