NuWave Widens Cooking Appliance Lineup

NuWave is prepping an expanded lineup of specialty kitchen electrics, many slated for infomercial support.

NuWave recently introduced Jubilee countertop grill; the Bravo line of toaster oven/air fryer combos; and the Primo countertop convection oven with a grill plate.

The new Jubilee grill has removable grill plates measuring 9-inches by 13-inches. The unit offers 1,800-watts of power when both grill plates are in use. The plates adjust to allow the unit to accommodate thick foods, pizza and Paninis.

The stage and pre-stage settings in addition to the integrated temperature probe are said to give the user greater control over the cooking process. An oil drip tray is also included.

The new Bravo collection of air fryer/toaster oven combos opens with a 0.7-cubic foot model with a stainless steel body and 1,800-watts of power. The unit features digital time and temperature controls, and it offers 12 presets including air fry, re-heat, waffle, bake, roast, pizza, broil, frozen, grill, dehydrate, toast and bagel.

The 1-cubic foot Bravo XL is also offered with a stainless steel body and includes an integrated probe designed to ensure optimal food temperature. The Bravo XL can accommodate a 10-pound turkey or a 13-inch pizza, and it also features 12 presets, plus pre-heat, warm, stage and delay cooking.

Also new from NuWave is its Primo countertop convection oven. Offering infrared, conduction and convection heat that is said to cook food inside and outside evenly, the unit features dual heating elements that move heat from the top and bottom of the oven, allowing for evenly cooked food, the company said.

Large enough to cook a 10-pound turkey, the unit is also offered with a grill plate allowing for indoor grilling, programming capabilities that allow for easy stage cooking, menu selections and programmable settings.