O-Cedar Introduces MicroTwist Mop

O-Cedar has rolled out its new MicroTwist mop, which the company said helps consumers grab dirt, dust and hair with less effort.

The MicroTwist mop, according to the company, is a classic twist mop with an advanced large microfiber head. In addition, the company said it added a ratchet system that is designed to make wringing out the mop easier and also enables the consumer to customize the level of wetness depending on how many times it’s twisted.

“To our consumer, if you can’t effectively wring-out a mop, you’re cleaning with a dirty mop. The new ratchet makes MicroTwist effortless to wring out, and you can’t beat the cleaning performance of microfiber compared to cotton,” said Mike Berg, commercial director for O-Cedar.

The O-Cedar MicroTwist mop and refills are currently available on Amazon with an SRP of $17.99 and $9.99, respectively and will also be available at major retailers this spring.