O2Cool Expands On-The-Go Offering With LunchBots Acquisition

O2Cool LLC has acquired LunchBots, known for its stainless steel bento boxes and on-the-go meal and snack accessories.

Chicago-based O2Cool adds LunchBots to a portfolio of housewares brands including O2Cool (personal cooling, hydration and pool/patio/beach accessories); Bobble (beverage bottles and insulated tumblers) and Treva (battery- and USB-powered fans, humidifiers and heaters).

LunchBots was launched in 2008 by San Francisco-area Jacqueline Linder, a mom who developed a quality, food-safe, versatile lunchbox as an alternative to plastic containers and disposable plastic food bags. The line has grown to include thermal food containers and salads bowls.

Eric Lockwood, O2Cool CEO, said the LunchBots lineup complements the healthy, family-oriented, on-the-go lifestyle positioning of O2Cool’s core offering.

“LunchBots checks all the boxes for an O2Cool  product: premium materials, uncompromising quality, unique design and family friendly – plus a proven track record of popularity that can be amplified with greater retail exposure,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood said LunchBots’ strong e-commerce foundation was a key factor in the deal. The LunchBots line was sold exclusively through e-commerce, including direct through the brand’s website, before the O2Cool acquisition.

O2Cool looks to leverage LunchBots’ e-commerce expertise to widen online sales of its full portfolio while opening the LunchBots brand to the diverse retail distribution of O2Cool’s products, Lockwood added. He noted the additional cross-marketing potential for all O2Cool brands of the strong social media following cultivated by LunchBots.

LunchBots operations are being integrated into O2Cool’s Chicago headquarters.

LunchBots marks O2Cool’s first acquisition since it was acquired in 2018 by Chicago-based private equity firm Middleton Partners. Lockwood said the O2Cool continues to explore additional acquisition opportunities.