Ôcuisine Sets Sights On U.S. Market

Ôcuisine, a brand from International Cookware, a company based in France, was launched two years ago and is gearing up to penetrate the U.S. market with its glass prepware, cookware, bakeware and storage products.

Jean-Philippe Szlachetka, commercial director for International Cookware, noted the company has years of experience making glass goods and currently manufactures Pyrex for the European, Middle-East and African and Asia/Pacific markets.

“We looked at the U.S. market before because of the potential of the market, but we couldn’t for many years because of the currency exchange barrier. The exchange rate used to be very high and now it’s gone down. But we also see a growing demand for borosilicate glass in the U.S. We produce products with borosilicate tempered glass, which is a real point of difference. What you have today on the market is about 80% soda-lime tempered. We offer to our consumers the highest quality glass to guarantee a unique cooking experience. Ôcuisine is within reach of everyone who likes to cook, savor, share, enjoy and treat others,” he said.

The company presented its lineup at the International Home + Housewares Show for the first time this year. And inroads are being made with several major merchants, some of whom the company already works with in a private label capacity, he said.

According to the company, the products in Ôcuisine’s portfolio are made of extra resistant borosilicate tempered glass that can withstand a temperature range of -40° Fahrenheit to more than 428° Fahrenheit. Additionally, the products are manufactured to help stand up to thermal shock and are able to go from the freezer directly into the oven. The company also has a glass assortment that is made for microwave cooking as well, which it will also begin to market in the U.S.