Consumers Set To Spend On Holiday Gifts

The website conducted a holiday survey of 1,500 consumers in the U.S. that determined the average shopper will spend $625 on seasonal gifts this year.

One-third of shoppers will keep such spending under $400, according to Offers, but that’s down from 41% in last year’s study. However, much of that change could be due to more shoppers moving into the no-gifts group as 17% of survey respondents said they won’t spend any money on presents for the holidays this year, up from 6% last year. Only 12% of study participants said they would spend more than $1,200, the same proportion as in last year’s results.

Six in 10 shoppers plan to focus their holiday shopping online this season, with the rest concentrating their efforts in stores. In the study, product quality was the top factor influencing a purchase decision, key to 44%, followed by lowest price, 36%, and reviews, at 31%. Social media scored just 6%, with women only slightly more likely to cite it as a purchasing factor than men.

When it comes to new retailers they might like to visit this holiday season, 56% of survey respondents said they would try a local store or business, followed by websites/e-tailers they haven’t previously tried, 15%, and seasonal pop-up stores, 11%.

As for the bargain quest, women are more likely than men to be coupon-hunters, Offers noted. A quarter of survey respondents said they search for deals and coupons most of the time, with 24% saying they do so every time and 22% saying they do so sometimes. When it comes down to specific deals, however, more consumers want free shipping, 38%, than any other proposition, with coupons coming in a distant second at 18%.

The top motivators for shopping with a particular retailer among bargain hunters are better prices, at 33%, convenience, at 24%, and fast/free shipping, at 22%, followed by coupons, at 11%, and exclusive products, at 10%. Half of study participants said they expect tech to offer the best deals among product sectors this holiday season followed by apparel, 22%, toys, 20%, housewares, 16% and travel, 10%.

Although most consumers start their holiday shopping by the time November ends, 28% of survey respondents said they would begin in early December and a small group, 7%, asserted that they wouldn’t do so until Christmas Eve.