Office Depot Expands School Partnership Program

Office Depot is expanding its Strategic Partnership Program across the Northeast, Southeast and West Coast to help school districts accomplish more with existing resources.

The program is part of Office Depot’s Committed to Learning initiative. It addresses one of the challenges educators face today, the need for a strategic plan that focuses on continuous improvement while providing progress measurement and means of accomplishing more with existing resources.

Office Depot provides education consultants under the program, many of them former teachers and administrators, who meet with superintendents and decision makers in developing district shared vision, mission and goals. Over the past year, Office Depot said the program has benefited school districts, superintendents and school leaders and has had an impact in multiple district and communities.

“Our Commitment to Learning helps districts take care of their business, and their learners, using innovative tools and practices that previously were confined to large companies. Once districts begin partnering with our education consultants, they learn we are a new kind of partner,” said Becki Schwietz, senior director for K-12 education for Office Depot.