Office Depot Introduces Co-Worker Gift Collection

To make quirky co-workers easier to deal with and to make the holidays a little more fun, Office Depot has unveiled the Co-Worker Collection.

The collection responds to typical co-worker quirks by turning them into gifting opportunities, such as providing storage and organization items to the person in the office whose desk is so disturbed that it creates problems for everyone.

Beside products ranging from desktop storage items to pen packs to headphones, the collection offers a gift card for co-workers whose particular needs remain a mystery. Many Co-Worker collection options come in under $20, Office Depot said.

According to a recent Office Depot survey, 85% of workers enjoy exchanging gifts with their fellow employees and 93% of part- and full-time employees intending to buy a gift indicated that they give holiday presents because they consider co-workers friends. In addition, the survey indicated, 25% of workers intend on purchasing a playful gift this season.

“Finding the perfect gift for your co-workers can be exhausting, but we’ve got you covered,” said Tim Rea, Office Depot evp/chief marketing officer. “This holiday season, Office Depot is introducing the Co-Worker Collection, a light-hearted way of showing you really know and appreciate everyone at work.”

Consumers can find the collection online now and at Office Depot and OfficeMax retail stores soon, the company noted.

See one of Office Depot’s videos promoting the Co-Worker collection here: