Office Depot Launches Perch By Urbio Organization Line

Office Depot has launched Perch by Urbio, a new line of organization products for the home or office, available now in both Office Depot and OfficeMax retail locations and online.

“At Office Depot, we recognize that organization is a key building block to productivity,” said Petter Knutrud, svp/merchandising, Office Depot. “The new Perch line empowers consumers to gear up for great with decorative and functional organizers that simultaneously express their personal style.”

Urbio began as a design company that creates wall-mounted, customized organization solutions for small, cluttered spaces. Perch, Urbio’s newest product line, offers modular, magnetic containers and a mountable wall plate that uses 3M Command strip technology for damage-free hanging, ideal for dorm room organization, according to the retailer.

“Perch brings the perfect balance of form and function. Its innovation is in the magnets and modularity,” said Merrick Rosner, CEO, Urbio. “Perch allows you to organize vertically in style, personalizing your workspace and freeing up space on your desk or countertop.”

Some of the new Perch products include: Bitsy, for smaller plants, pens, makeup brushes, and knick-knacks; Stumpy, for mail, office supplies, gadgets and other wide items; Twiggy, to fit taller items, such as plants, kitchen utensils, paint brushes and office supplies; Biggy, designed for magazines, books, notebooks, files and other larger items that need organizing; and 3- or 5-piece starter kits to allow the user to clean up the clutter with an all-in-one design solution suitable for various organizing needs.