Office Depot Finds Design Inspiration While Helping School

Office superstores are looking for inspiration today, so Office Depot has been working with Washington Elementary in Sacramento, CA, to improve prospects for kids while getting an education about the evolving classroom.

The school environment is one that can drive trends in professional furniture used in business and domestic settings. In working with Washington Elementary, Office Depot learned what it takes to create a modern classroom environment as, with partner HMC Architects, the retailer helped to reopen the school. Office Depot and HMC completed furniture specifications, product samples and design renderings, and installed furniture in the new classrooms, cafeteria, media commons and administrative areas.

Haydee Fuselier, collaborative classroom strategist for Office Depot, said involvement in the project was part of the company’s Committed to Learning initiative.

“Office Depot became involved with Washington Elementary due to the company’s expertise in design and furniture implementation and a previous partnership with HMC Architects,” Fuselier said. “The overall goal was to create for students safe and comfortable spaces that allow for more innovative and forward thinking. We wanted to reimagine the approach to learning and teaching at Washington Elementary School, specifically through furniture implementation and design.”

In terms of furniture, Fuselier said, “Office Depot provided flexible furnishings to allow students and teachers the ability to tailor their learning experience while integrating technology and incorporating one-on-one learning.”