Office Depot Sees Significant Energy Savings From LEED Certified Store


Office Depot’s LEED-certified store in Austin, TX, has lowered its carbon intensity by 23% because of a number of programs implemented at the location, the office superstore said.

According to the company, from November 2008 to November 2009, Office Depot tracked a variety of environmental impact factors including energy usage, carbon dioxide emissions and water efficiency at the location and compared it to other Office Depot retail stores in the same area.

“The energy savings realized at our first Austin store location has been even greater than what we had originally expected,” said Edward Costa, vice president/construction for Office Depot. “The Austin location allowed us to test a variety of new and innovative initiatives and solutions that resulted in both environmental and economic benefits.”

In addition to lowering its carbon emissions, the Office Depot Gold Certified LEED retail store has achieved numerous benefits, including:

• Approximately 14% less electricity (kWh per square foot) usage

• Reduced carbon footprint (per square foot) by 23%

• Over 10% of the store’s energy needs are met with solar power

• Through its use of solar power, Office Depot avoided approximately 45,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)

• By reducing its carbon emissions, the store has lowered its annual electricity costs by approximately 16%

• Overall, the store is 15% more energy efficient (per square foot) than the other Office Depot retail locations in Austin.

“Our Austin experience shows that a LEED-certified store is dramatically more energy efficient than a non-certified store,” said Yalmaz Siddiqui, director/environmental strategy for Office Depot. “The results prove how beneficial a green building can be from both an environmental and economic perspective.”