OFM’s Modern Office Chair Builds In Tablet Stand

Office and school furniture manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler OFM has developed a new office chair series that, the company stated, is designed around ways today’s executives actually work in the digital age. The ORO Series Executive Chairs feature multiple design elements that accommodate how senior managers use their smartphones and tablet computers, according to the company.

The ORO Series, made up of the ORO 100, 200, and 300 models, comes with padded arms and a 14-by-9.5-inch tuck-away stand with a slip-resistant coating that can be used to mount tablet computers or smartphones. In addition, the chairs are Greenguard certified with low chemical emissions.

OFM’s ORO 100 Series chair, in soft bonded leather, has a high back with an adjustable-height headrest, body bolsters for extra lumbar support and a 350-pound weight capacity. The ORO 200 Series offers a 400-pound weight capacity, and the ORO 300 Series adds a wood grain film on the arm and base.

 “A lot of office furniture today is designed around the way people used to work, and traditional desks and chairs are still being built like it’s 1987,” said Blake Zalcberg, OFM CEO, in introducing the new product line. “For the ORO Series, we tried to take a fresh look at what business leaders are actually doing during the work day. That meant better support for their backs, more flexibility whether they are sitting in a meeting or on a call, and an easier way to read a tablet computer comfortably. Like it or not, today’s executives spend a lot more time in their chairs, whether they are answering emails, videoconferencing, or just browsing the latest business news about their industry on a tablet computer or Smartphone. It’s time that they had a chair that was designed around their daily lives to keep them healthy and focused.”