OmniShaver Launches Indiegogo Campaign

OmniShaver Corporation has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its first personal care tool, the OmniShaver.

According to the company, the shaver was designed to offer consumers maneuverability, sharpness, efficiency and safety. The shaver features a self-cleaning feature that does not require its user to stop to clean out blades, leading to a time-saving shave. It also features self-straightening and self-polishing features. These features are said to allow for a shave that requires fewer shaving passes and less skin irritation and reduce the need for constant replacement cartridges. The shaver also features a low profile handle and fully floating suspension and maximum grip control with convex ribs.

OmniShaver inventor, founder and CEO, John Harris, said he set out “to make a product that is on the side of the consumer, not the corporation. A shaver that would make the shaving experience faster, safer, easier and less expensive for all.”

OmniShaver’s Indiegogo campaign is already more than 430% funded and had secured more than 1,590 backers, the company said. The shaver has a special Indiegogo price of $15 for the Classic OmniShaver and $20 for the Premium OmniShaver.