One Pass Introduces Wet/Dry Floor Blade

One Pass, a cleaning tool company, has introduced the One Pass Floor Blade. Described as a broom re-designed, the floor-cleaning tool is suitable for wet and dry use.

According to the company, the tool easily collects debris and fluids in one pass. In addition to cleaning, it is also suitable for drying surfaces, and is durable enough to use on concrete while safe to use on delicate surfaces like tile and grout, the company said.

It features a patented silicone blade that wipes clean and is safe to use with cleansers and solvents and conforms to different surfaces. It is safe to use in temperatures between -80-degrees and more than 400-degrees, the company said.

“I originally developed the blade as a squeegee for high end paint jobs and car windows back in 1996. But it didn’t take long for family and friends to figure out how well it works everywhere else, too. The Floor Blade has been specifically redesigned for the home,” said Don Varner, Floor Blade inventor.

It includes an extending powder-coated pole that reaches 75-inches, and carries a manufacturers suggested retail price of $32.95.