Ontario Knife Company Introduces Cutlery Block Set

The Ontario Knife Company (OKC) has introduced a five-piece Agilite cutlery block set.

The new set comes with five primary knives used for cooking prep: long broad chef’s knife; wide serrated bread knife; short paring knife; 5-inch utility knife; and Santoku knife.

“We are very proud of our Agilite line of knives, because they represent the best of OKC— its legacy combined with its forward-thinking design,” said Andrew Yates, vp/sales and marketing for OKC. “And, now that we can offer the knives in a five-piece block it is a ‘no-brainer’ choice for home chefs.”

The durable, lightweight blades are constructed of 14C28N Sandvik steel, which has been hardened through a proprietary heat-treating technique to ensure maximum flexibility with bayonet-level hardness.

The Agilite series knife handles are crafted from Lexan under-mold and VersiFlex over-mold for control and comfort. The dual mold injected handles are lightweight and ergonomically contoured to minimize fatigue.