Ontel Broadens Arctic Air Personal Cooling Brand

Ontel Products is widening its “Arctic” personal cooling brand with an upgraded version of the Arctic Air desktop cooler and a new Arctic hat.

The original, infomercial-backed Arctic Air launched in early 2018 as a personal evaporative air-cooling device equipped with a digital thermostat, a programmable timer, a glowing nightlight panel and a USB port.

The new Arctic Air Ultra model was redesigned with a more efficient pump-driven water delivery system, including a new washable filter and a more powerful fan, to deliver a cooling mist twice as long on a full tank compared to the original model, said Craig Jordan, Ontel’s svp/sales and customer solutions.

Arctic Air Ultra also features improved ergonomic controls and a light panel on top of the compact device designed for personal cooling from a tabletop, countertop or personal workspace.

Jordan said Ontel is supporting the performance efficacy upgrade with enhanced consumer instructions that are included with the retail package and showcased online.

Ontel is delivering the improved, next-generation model at the same $39.99 pricepoint as the original Arctic Air. The company also offers replacement filters retailing at $12.99.

Arctic Air Ultra is expected to be in broad retail distribution by April.

“The original Arctic Air cooler was one of the most successful DRTV products at retail last year, and we’re confident the takeaway on the new model will be even higher because of increased efficacy and consumer satisfaction,” Jordan said.

The new Arctic Hat from Ontel, meanwhile, is set to be on retail shelves in time for the April kickoff to the spring/summer season. 

The safari-style hat keeps head cools by combining UV protection on the exterior to deflect the sun’s rays with an interior lining that can be soaked with water. The evaporative cooling effect lowers the temperature under the hat by some 20 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Ontel.

Arctic Hat is set to retail for $19.99.