Ontel Eyes Wellness Market With Two DRTV Products

Ontel Products eyes the wellness market with a pair of new DRTV products: the Posture Doctor posture aid and Mighty Sight LED-equipped magnifying eyewear.

Posture Doctor is a one-size-fits-all support designed to relieve strain by aligning the back and shoulders and straightening the neck to the proper position. Wearing Posture Doctor daily for 30 minutes builds muscle memory to help users sit and stand straight, and Posture Doctor also helps decompress the spine to relieve pain caused by slouching, according to Ontel.

Copper stitching woven into Posture Doctor helps reduce odors. Machine-washable Posture Doctor is lightweight, flexible and breathable, and it can be worn under clothing. Designed for men and women, the product features an adjustable strap for all body types.

Ontel is ramping up TV support for Posture Doctor, which has a $19.99 pricepoint.

Mighty Sight eyewear offers an optical-quality, 160%-magnifying lens to reduce eye strain and fatigue when reading small print and performing a wide range of activities, including crafting, hobbies, repairs and jewelry work. The one-size-fits-all frame is equipped with a pair of LED lights to brighten activities and reading. The LEDs are rechargeable with the included USB cord.

The lightweight, flexible Mighty Sight frame can fit over prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Mighty Sight is set to retail at $19.99.