Opinel Offers Retail Support Program

Opinel, a France-based cutlery manufacturer with U.S. operations in Chicago, has launched a retail support program in an effort to help drive sales and revenue for retailers that have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company is now offering drop-shipment on some top Opinel items to retailers that have had to shutter their brick-and-mortar locations or have seen a decline in business.

Under the new drop-ship model, retailers can take orders from their customers via their own website, social media accounts, or by phone. Opinel will then process the orders, handle fulfillment, and ship, free of charge, direct to customers, providing retailers with a 30% portion of each sale.

“We wanted to do our part to help our retail partners in any way we could,” said Opinel USA brand manager Alex Delecroix. “We reached out to our brick-and-mortar friends earlier this month to ask how we could help, and this program is the result. It’s a time when every little bit helps, and we hope this makes it easier for our wholesale friends to stay afloat until we’re through the worst of this time.”