Orca Coffee Offering Free Brewer To New Members

Orca Coffee is looking to drive membership for its home delivery program by offering members a complimentary espresso and coffee brewer.

According to the company, the brewer is free with a subscription to the company’s coffee club, which starts at $19.50 per month for 30 coffee pods. The coffeemaker is designed to make espresso and regular coffee. 

“After coming to America, I couldn’t find a decent cup of espresso,” said Giancarlo Fantappié, founder and CEO of Orca. “I tried many machines and coffee houses, but none of them could capture the authentic Italian essence that I was craving. We spent years carefully developing each blend and the Orca machine itself.”

Those who join the company’s coffee club have three flavors from which to choose: espresso roma, espresso firenze and medium roast. The coffee is shipped from the company’s factory in Tuscany, Italy.