OSP Home Expands Resimercial Furnishings Assortment

ONTARIO, CA— OSP Home Furnishings is building a lineup of what it characterizes as resimercial furnishings at a time when consumers have made home office furniture purchasing a greater priority.

The company noted that it had developed its resimercial line to blend home fashion-inspired aesthetics with commercial quality, creating furnishings that are soft to the touch, comfortable and yet tough, OSP Home stated. The company designed each of its new resimercial products to deliver long-lasting comfort.

With its clubby seat, the OSP Home model FLH5974 chair comes in gray, black and saddle brown with a tungsten black finish on the base.

The model FL80228 chair, in a modern seat silhouette, arrives covered by black, gray or white upholstery with options of either polished aluminum base or tungsten black on the base.

Both chairs are easy to assemble with the only work required connecting the base to the seat body, OSP Home pointed out.