Overstock.com Launches Eziba To Liquidate Home Furnishings

Overstock.com has launched a new website, Eziba.com, designed to liquidate limited-quantity stocks of home furnishings.

Dubbed a private sale website, Eziba.com offers exclusive deals on the latest home décor, housewares and domestics products, many from national brand suppliers. The site will provide daily sale events starting at 11 Eastern Time. Sales are set to last between 48 and 72 hours with the site posting warnings about products near to selling out and confirmations about which items are no longer available.

Consumers who wish to purchase must complete a free-of-charge registration on Eziba.com because Overstock does not provide access to the new site. However, Overstock.com sends visitors who search for the term Eziba directly to the sister site. Another commonality with Overstock.com regards fulfillment, as entire Eziba orders ship for $2.95. Overstock.com’s 24-hour customer service team handles all consumer care inquiries.

“Overstock.com has relationships with a large network of suppliers who are in search of different avenues to sell product,” said Overstock president Jonathan Johnson. “It was a natural progression for us to build a private sale site.”