Overstock.com Launches Mother’s Day Promotion With Bret Michaels

Overstock.com, Inc. has launched a Mother’s Day Spa Getaway with Bret Michaels sweepstakes. The sweepstakes promotes the Live Bret Michaels store the company is launching on its website, which includes home furnishings and apparel.

As part of the promotion, Overstock has developed a commercial that features Michaels and his mom.

The sweepstakes winner and one guest will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Phoenix to enjoy three days and two nights at a hotel and spa. They will be treated to a pampering package and dinner with the Michaels, who became famous as front man for the band Poison, at his home.

“When I was six, and the only kid in my school district diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my mother stepped up and formed the first diabetic youth camp in my area,” said Michaels. “My parents never made me feel different, or that I could not accomplish anything I wanted to accomplish. If I could treat all the great moms in the world to a day like this, I would.”