Overstock.com Launches Pet Adoption Service

Overstock.com, Inc. has announced that it is launching a pet adoption service. The company does so as it is advertising 10% off select pet supplies prominently on its website landing page.

The pet adoption service provides users with access to real-time updates about adoptable animals in thousands of shelters nationwide. Potential pet adopters can search for particular types and breeds of animal filter by gender, age, color, disposition and other attributes just as they filter through Overstock.com’s products. Once a user finds a pet, the Overstock.com connects adopter and the relevant shelter to complete the process, the company noted. The service is free to all shelters across the U.S., Overstock.com added, and to anyone who is interested in finding an animal companion. Overstock.com noted that it developed the free public service for rescue animals only, and it will not be cover breeders or puppy mills.

“We realized that the same world-class technology we have built to enable shoppers to sort through millions of products on our site to find just the right item is technology that could also be used to enable pet lovers to sort through hundreds of thousands of animals in adoption shelters to find just the right pet for their family,” said Overstock.com chairman and CEO Patrick Byrne, in announcing the service launch. “We are an animal-friendly firm and are grateful for the opportunity to use our technology and resources to make a difference in the lives of so many animals and people. Millions of unwanted pets are euthanized annually. We can change that.”

In its E-commerce operations, Overstock.com offers a range of pet products such as dog beds in a range of styles and colors, and feeding and watering items, many in home décor-friendly styles and colors. The feeding and watering items come in standard and automatic forms. One watering set, in dog and cat variations, combines a rear reservoir for automatic function with a bowl in the form of a miniature toilet.