Overstock Survey Demonstrates Consumer Style Independence

Are the myriad design trends in the housewares and home furnishings marketplace overwhelming consumers? Overstock.com has determined, through its inaugural “Not Another Trend Survey,” that consumers may be dizzied by all the home style and fashion input they get when shopping.

As a result, most survey respondents reported that they desire a unique look and aren’t paying attention to trends. Consumers are striking out on their own for interior design in part because they aren’t putting a lot of effort into staying current with design trends. In the survey, 67% of respondents said they encounter too many trends to even know where to start, and 63% of respondents said there is too much information when it comes to home styling and decorating ideas. In a similar vein, 56% of survey respondents said they feel like they can’t keep up with household goods trends and the turnover from one style to another.

The looks survey respondents said they have grown tired of seeing: animal prints; faux fur; white kitchens; inspirational quotes as wall décor; and Millennial pink.

Indeed, 63% of survey respondents reported that they don’t know what hygge is and 42% didn’t know about Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Millennials are more likely to feel stressed by pressure to create perfect looks at 52% versus 38% of the general population, according to Overstock. In that pursuit, 49% of Millennials want more granite options, 30% wish they could find more bean bag chairs and 67% are likely to agree that applications or technology that overlay furnishings in their homes are key to creating their unique style. In an interesting twist, 24% of Millennials have never even heard of Millennial Pink

The quest for the perfect home almost always included mixing and matching styles to make a look come to life, Overstock maintained.

Indeed, 65% of respondents stated that they don’t care about trends at all, 73% stated that don’t think being on trend is essential to creating their dream home and 89% stated that they buy what they like, even though it may not be trendy.

Consumers are making their own decisions, with 82% of survey respondents saying they don’t want their home to look like everyone else’s and 75% saying they choose decor by mixing and matching different styles or looks to establish their own unique style.

“We found that consumers feel like there are so many trends out there that they don’t even know where to start; it’s overwhelming,” said Kelsey Byrne, director of private label brands at Overstock. “What really matters is embracing your own personal tastes and creating a home that reflects your unique style.”