Panasonic Debuts Slow Juicer For Sale In U.S.

Panasonic unveiled today its first Slow Juicer product for the U.S. market at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas as part of its expanded lineup of healthy-lifestyle small home appliances.

According to the company, the slow juicer features a stainless steel juicing screw and low-speed DC150W motor that enables the user to also create healthy drinks and frozen confections from frozen fruits and vegetables as well as hard or dense whole foods.  The slow juicer will be available in July via and other retailers. Pricing and additional availability details will be announced at a later date.

“Slow juicing is an easy and very effective way to enjoy the benefits of fresh and also frozen fruits and vegetables,” said Denise Selman, senior product manager, small appliances and healthcare, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.  “Panasonic’s Slow Juicer was designed and developed to offer consumers the widest range of options when juicing and can also process frozen and harder foods such as ginger root which high-speed juicers are unable to process effectively. But the most important benefit of our slow juicer is that it does not damage the nutrients and enzymes that are so important as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

Company officials said the slow juicing method of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables has shown benefits over traditional juicers. Panasonic’s Slow Juicer presses and squashes fruits and vegetables— like a mortar— that avoids damage to nutrients and limits the heat and air exposure so that the juices are said to maintain their natural color and great taste.

The Panasonic Slow Juicer houses a low-speed motor that operates at 45 spins per minute and is rated for 15 minutes of continuous operation.  Included with the MJ-L500 are an anti-drip cap, juice beaker, pulp beaker and an attachment for making frozen foods like ice cream or gelato. 

In addition, Panasonic also debuted its Cyclonic Wave Microwave Oven line. According to the company, Panasonic’s Cyclonic-Wave technology evenly distributes microwave energy to ensure that foods are “perfectly thawed and evenly heated and cooked.”

The line includes two sizes — 2.2 cubic ft. (NN-SE985S) and 1.6 cubic ft. (NN-SE785S). Both models will be available in April via and other retailers, the company said.

Also at CES, the company presented its new Bread Maker that features a gluten-free baking mode. The new unit offers a short-rise feature that enables users to also bake gluten-free foods using a wide range of recipes.

The bread maker will be available in September via and other retailers. Pricing and additional availability details will be announced at a later date.