Panasonic Spotlights In-Store Virtual Future Mirror

At the recent International Home + Housewares Show, Panasonic showcased its Future Mirror, which is said by the company to be an interactive tool designed to virtually enhance a consumer’s in-store personal care and grooming shopping experience. 

At first look, Panasonic’s new Future Mirror may have a fairy tale quality. But company officials are touting the mirror as a real-life solution to help women and men shop for skin care products.

The new mirror is designed for in-store demonstration purposes only and is not for resale.

During the show, HOMEWORLD BUSINESS experienced a demo of the Future Mirror in action.

Panasonic officials said the mirror utilizes facial recognition technology to scan a consumer’s face and project it back onto the mirror’s reflection. It provides an interactive analysis of the face, detecting issues such as dryness, acne and hyperpigmentation. It will then offer suggestions for solutions via skin care products, tools and tips, in an effort to help the consumer with her purchasing decision, the company said. 

The mirror can also help analyze a shopper’s current facial care routine. For example, if a consumer is not seeing the benefits of a particular product, the analysis that the mirror provides can offer suggestions to how the consumer can readjust her use of it or try something new.

Consumers will also be able to virtually test hairstyles and eyebrow shapes, while men can experience how they would look in different facial styles such as a mustache, goatee or beard. In addition, shoppers can also use the mirror to virtually test different makeup styles and see how the makeup looks in different lighting scenarios.