Panasonic Teams With SideChef

Panasonic has partnered with the culinary platform, SideChef. The companies noted that the partnership aims to help families eat better, shop more easily and make cooking more accessible and enjoyable.

Together, Panasonic and SideChef will expand and unify their culinary communities by combining SideChef’s curated recipes, meal planning, and grocery delivery with Panasonic’s technology in kitchen appliances, specifically microwave ovens. The experience will serve home chefs of all kinds and skill levels, from busy working parents to urban-dwelling Millennials, the company said.

Kevin Yu, SideChef CEO, stated, “When you consider SideChef’s large catalog of recipes, our list of over 300 global culinary-content partners, and our industry-leading in-app experience working in combination with Panasonic’s ever-evolving appliance technology, it’s easy to understand why this partnership will change the culinary landscape. We will work together to bring industry leaders and culinary professionals from around the world to shift and deepen how consumers cook with and alongside their Panasonic microwave.”

Dennis Eppel, svp/Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, said, “Panasonic microwave ovens have a history of innovation and developmental spirit. We are very excited about the partnership between Panasonic and SideChef to support many families to update their lifestyle with meals that are personalized, convenient, healthy and easy to prepare.”