Pantone Colors Brighten Surya Lighting, Decor Introductions

As the winter markets arrive, Surya is showcasing its evolving portable lighting assortment as well as new wall decor, pillows, bedding and rugs, many in dual tones that reflect Pantone’s color of the year picks.

Surya asserted that the Pantone colors, Serenity and Rose Quartz, are a harmonious pairing of tones that reflect a mindset of tranquility and inner peace.

As applied to home interiors, the Serenity and Rose Quartz combination can contribute to a sense of well being given their calming tones, Surya noted. The adaptable hues work well with many other shades, including as subtle accent colors that enhance pattern, texture and finish. Naturals for rugs, pillows, bedding and other textiles, Surya noted that the colors can also be applied in home decor in general and lighting in particular.

In the case of the company’s Enzo lamp, a woven rose-colored shade provides a mellowing affect rising from the cherry wood and brushed nickel base.

“The move to softer, more tranquil colors that provide a counterpoint to the business and complexity of our lives has been trending during the past year,” said Lynne Meredith, Surya vp/product development. “Anticipating the growing prominence of these soothing hues, our product development team has incorporated into our offering lots of pastels and softly muted shades, echoing the longing for balance and peace of mind. Lending both warmth and coolness, these colors play well together and create a versatile palette that, while dual in nature, imparts a feeling of wholeness.”