Pantone’s Color Trends Enliven Tabletop

Pantone has identified eight color themes for the home goods industry that arise from the ongoing interplay between the public and influences ranging from the art world to movies to haute couture to the automotive sector and among newer elements, LED lighting, all of which affect consumer perceptions about what they might like to see in their homes.

Color and emotion are intricately linked, said Pantone’s Lee Eiseman, and trends involving hues reflects those feelings that consumers want their domestic environments to radiate.

As seen in the April 2 issue of HomeWorld Business, Pantone has outlined eight key color trends that will have an impact on the home goods industry for the year ahead.

Pantone CherishCHERISH is soft and sensuous, nostalgic and new, with refreshing approaches to colors in the white and pink ranges, emphasizing endearing attachments.

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