Part 3: Wayfair Puts Design Services In The Hands Of Consumers

Wayfair has devised an inexpensive way for consumers to tap professional designer help in redecorating. As such, Wayfair Design Service represents a new way for mass-market consumers to shop their personal style.

The nitty-gritty effort to get from a personal vision to purchasing furnishings that express that style can get complicated and a little more so that consumers might want to tackle alone. As such, the retailer wants to help today’s fashion-conscious consumers realize sometimes elaborate domestic aspirations.

Blair Kenary, head of Wayfair Design Services, told HomeWorld Business, “There is a lot more mixing of styles. We hear that a lot from our customers: ‘I’m not just into mid-century, I’m not just into farmhouse.’ So it’s hard on customers who are on their own to pull all that together. A huge value of the program is that we help with that.”

For the full story on Wayfair’s Design Services, see the October 15 issue of Homeworld Business.