Paula Deen Buys Her Old Food Network Shows

Paula Deen’s comeback continues and when her new network launches on Wednesday, her fans will be able to watch her old Food Network shows.

According to CNN, 440 episodes of Deen’s long-running shows including “Paula’s Home Cooking,” “Paula’s Best Dishes,” and “Paula’s Party” will begin airing on the new Paula Deen Network. There will also be 11 special shows including “Paula’s Southern Thanksgiving” and “Paula’s European Vacation.”

Deen purchased the programming from Food Network, CNN reported.

Long one of the top draws on Food Network and with a growing presence in the housewares aisles of major retailers, the southern-chef is staging a comeback after she admitted in a 2013 deposition to using a racial slur. The information went public and cost Deen her Food Network show, several endorsement deals and placement on retail shelves.

Earlier this year, Deen struck a $75 million deal with Najafi Media, to develop her own company, Paula Deen Ventures. Through the new venture, the she has developed an online subscriber-based network to deliver programming, recipes and exclusive video and content to her followers.