Perfect Company Granted Patent, Files Infringement Lawsuit

Perfect Company has been issued an additional patent for its connected culinary scale and recipe app technology. In addition, the company has filed a second patent infringement lawsuit against Adaptics Limited for its Drop Kitchen recipe app and scale.

According to Perfect Company, an initial suit was filed in December 2014 for patent infringement of which Adaptics tried unsuccessfully to invalidate in a reexamination. Adaptics’ motions to dismiss and to stay the lawsuit have also been denied, the company said.

Some of the features of Perfect Company’s smart scale and recipe app platforms that the patent protects include:

  • Automatically advancing to a first ingredient after detecting a container has been added to the scale.
  • Starting a timer after detecting a container has been removed from the scale.
  • Automatically advancing to the next ingredient after completing an ingredient addition.
  • Using a dead band region to detect completion of an ingredient addition before auto-advancing to the next ingredient.
  • Asymmetrical dead band regions with an upper threshold closer to a target amount for an ingredient than the lower threshold.
  • Allowing the user to manually override and measure recipe ingredients out of order.
  • Allowing a user to transfer the amount measured in a pour event to be transferred to a different ingredient.

“Perfect Company has a responsibility to its investors and customers to protect the company’s investments in innovative technologies, and we will continue to vigorously defend our valuable portfolio of patents and other intellectual property assets,” said Michael Wallace, CEO, Perfect Company. “The ‘217 Patent reinforces our ability to continue innovating in the smart kitchen space with new products and partnerships that shape the future of digital recipes and smart cooking.”