Perfect Slice Bakeware Inventor Featured On Local News

Becky Parr, owner and inventor of Perfect Slice Bakeware, was recently featured on the Mount Pleasant, SC-based “News 2” showing off her bakeware line.

According to Parr, she got the idea after she moved from Texas to Michigan with her daughter and decided that her home would be “the party house” to allow her daughter to make new friends, she said. After realizing that the amount of children was always changing and that she wanted to serve the kids an equal serving, she began to measure out servings from her pan. This, she said, was the beginning of Perfect Slice.

Perfect Slice pans all come with a slicer which will help “cut your cake but won’t cut your pan,” said Parr. The pans have inch-marks around them in order to help with the measuring and slicing, added Parr.

The bakeware won an innovative new product award at the International Home + Housewares Show in 2015, according to the company.