Petal Launches Waste Disposal Bin

Petal, a high-tech consumer goods company, is launching its namesake waste disposal bin. The Petal trash bin is said to be the first zero-odor, germ-freezing waste bin.

From the outside, Petal looks like a pedal-operated waste bin. On the inside, patent-pending technology efficiently freezes waste solid in under 35 minutes, the company noted. The frigid temperature ensures that nothing leaks and nothing sticks to the reusable plastic pail, eliminating the need for single-use plastic liners. The Petal freezes everything from diapers to food and pet waste.

“Today, we take the first steps in bringing a truly revolutionary technology and product into the world,” said David Taffet, Petal’s CEO. “By stopping rot, eliminating stink, and halting the spread of germs, Petal’s innovative, patent-pending use of freezing technology will supplant traditional disposal methods in the diaper, organic waste, incontinence, feminine hygiene and pet waste verticals, while reducing plastic pollution from single-use trash bags.”